Workshop Penulisan Jurnal Ilmiah Guru SMA-SMK Pinggir Kabupaten Bengkalis


  • M. Yogi Riyantama Isjoni FKIP UNRI
  • Isjoni FKIP Universitas Riau
  • Sakdanur Nas FKIP Universitas Riau



Keyword : Workshop, Journal, Teacher


This service aims to provide understanding and experience about writing scientific journals in the form of articles to high school teachers in Pinggir District, Bengkalis Regency. Hopefully, with this service, all SMA-SMK teachers in Pinggir District, Bengkalis Regency, can later carry out journal writing as a teacher's scientific work. This service targets teachers whose promotion is constrained due to the absence of research in their scientific work. It is concluded that many teachers still do not understand the nature of writing this journal. This is because teachers are generally not used to writing articles for journals. However, the enthusiasm of SMP-SMA teachers in participating in the service activities is relatively high, and the questions that are conveyed to the resource persons are relatively active and hit the targets of the PTK itself. Most of the initial and final activities for 4 days (32 hours) understand, and the motivation to produce products is relatively high. No one does not understand when carrying out activities, and sincerity is seen from time to time in both group and classical discussions. At the end of the service activity, each teacher is required to prepare a product in the form of a proposal, which consists of Chapter I Introduction, Chapter II Literature Review, and Chapter III Research Methods. And Bibliography. Of the 30 teachers, only five have submitted articles to be published in the journal.


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